Episode 52: M20 Legendaries

As promised, a review of the mixed bag of legendary creatures hitting your meta from Core 2020. Five mono-colored, five new wedge options, and a bonus Naya and five colored legendary for giggles as well.

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Episode 51: Core 2020 Set Review

In the usual fashion, the guys cover the great new cards in the next set, leaving aside the legendary creatures for their own episode. From Cavs to new artifact tech, this set proves to add some juicy new tools to play with.

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Episode 50 – Cards you should be playing from Modern Horizons

Matt and Patrick are back to take a look at Modern Horizons. What are some of the best EDH ready cards in the set? The guys run through a list of thirty (ish) cards, the prime options for your Commander deck.

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Episode 49: War of the Spark, Part 3 – the Legendaries

The guys wrap up a massive review series of War of the Spark. They cover the sixteen legendary creatures that have been injected into metas all across the realm. Some mighty gods, plucky mono-coloured creatures, and some game-changing flyers. Find out which new commander you should be looking out for in this set!

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Episode 48: War of the Spark – Part 2, the Planeswalkers

There are a ton of planeswalkers in this set and we are so excited to give each one the time they deserve. Patrick and Matt go through each of them by rarity and how they will make a new impact on your local meta.

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Join us next time for the final review of the set, the new legendary creatures making their way onto the scene!

Episode 47: War of the Spark Set Review – Part 1

The long-awaited climax and showdown with Nicol Bolas have arrived. We are in for such a treat with the new set, War of the Spark. Patrick and Matt are breaking this big set down into three separate reviews: planeswalkers, legendaries, and all of the other EDH relevant cards. Today’s episode highlights the third category, discussing some cool cycles, some new tech for lots of different types of decks.

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Episode 46: Top Ten Cycles

The guys talk about their favourite EDH relevant cycles from the history of Magic. While not every card of every cycle is a home run, lots of cycles have at least three to four cards that are played across every colour.

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Episode 45: Commander 2013

Our retrospective series continues with the second commander produced from Wizards. Matt and Patrick talk about all five decks, what they brought to the table and the new crop of legendaries that came out with this set. They talk about some fantastic reprints, some new cards and a couple of cycles available in this set.

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Episode 44: Yasova Dragonclaw

Matt takes us through his deck ‘featuring’ Yasova Dragonclaw in the command zone. Primarily a spellslinger deck, it comes out in bursts with a number of cards that like to copy big instants or sorceries. Pat takes us through some of the ways this deck can reach its goal as well.

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Deck Tech: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/yasova-tries-new-things/

Episode 43: Reanimator Archetype

The guys continue the archetype series, touching on one of their favourites, graveyard shenanigans. Patrick discusses some of the cool interactions you can make across the colour pie. Matt talks some prime commanders to head your graveyard deck.

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